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Urgent custom essays offered by Academise are high quality and are delivered always on time.

What are urgent custom essays

Typically, urgent custom essays mean papers completed and delivered within 10-12 hours from order placement. Different essay writing services, however, may use the term «urgency» to describe different delivery periods, from overnight essays to 48-hour services.

Urgency is relative

It is important to understand that urgency is a relative term, rather than absolute. In other words, urgency for a 50-page thesis on nanotechnology would be 5 days, while at the same time urgency for a 5-page high school essay could mean 3-6 hours. To be more precise, a lengthy specialized thesis requires much more time to be completed than a short high school essay. That is why urgency of the essay delivered depends on the length and subject of the paper, the assignment, the academic level, and many other factors.

Urgent and quality custom essays

Urgent custom essays with Academise mean just as high quality as with other types of orders. A shorter period of time for writing your essays does not mean lower quality. Due to our simple yet very effective business procedures established long ago (which have proved to be successful), here at Academise we devote enough time to thorough research, writing, and proofreading your urgent custom essays. In other words, all urgent custom essays are of the same high quality as other non-urgent essays.

Prices for urgent essays

Here at academise.net we offer urgent custom essay services for your convenience. 24, 12, and even 6-hour urgency essays are available. Below are the prices for one double-spaced page for urgent custom papers:

6-hours: $40.95 (if specialized, $50.95)
12-hours: $31.95 (if specialized, $41.95)
24-hours: $26.95 (if specialized, $36.95)


Free benefits you get with every custom essay

With Academise you receive a pack of free benefits with every custom essay, saving $45-315 on every order:

custom essay

Free Bibliography

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What types of essays we write

We can write nearly anything. Academise can handle any academic assignment from a short high-school 5-paragraph essay, to a huge post-graduate research project.

  • English 101

  • Nursing

  • History

  • Business Studies

  • Psychology

  • Law

  • Leadership Studies

  • Anthopology

  • Statistics

  • Medical Science

  • Health Care

  • Education

  • Criminal Justice

  • Literature

  • Sociology

  • Sports

  • Environmental Studies

  • Fine Arts

  • Nutrition

  • Human Resources

  • Management

  • Economics

  • Philosophy

  • Political Science

  • Biology

  • Geography

  • Logistics

  • Chemistry

  • Ecology

  • Poetry

  • Marketing

  • Computer Science

  • Finance

  • Ethics

  • Religion

  • Physics

  • Architecture

  • Agriculture

  • Aviation

  • Civil Engineering

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. We only write genuine essays. Submitting your essay to turnitin.com or a similar website will show the paper is original.

We review assignments as soon as they arrive, and contact our clients immediately if anything seems obscured. If we are unsure we can handle the paper, we let you know at once.

You can add all required materials and information via special blocks in the order form. Don't worry, it's easy to find them.

We issue refunds if the paper does not comply with the instructions you indicate along with the order, however, refunds are very rare.

To check order status, please go to order status check page and follow the instructions.

Yes. We send the paper before the duedate according to the delivery mode you selected during order placement.



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