Different essays and essay types

Note that we can adapt to any style you need, and apply any of the different essays types listed below.

Most frequent essay types

There exist over 20 different essays and essay types, which students are assigned to write during their academic years. Most frequently met essays are descriptive, research, and argumentative. We can write all that for you, but this fact is irrelevant to the scope of this page.

Descriptive essay

as the title suggests, the essay describes some event, procedure, or experience. This is mostly freewriting on one topic. Descriptive essays are quite easy to write because they typically do not require external research or observation.

Research papers

this is where you have to delve into some topic, and absord tons of information by reading, talking, observing, and Internet-surfing. You then have to analyze everything, reason, filter, and put on paper with citations. This is one of the most difficult essay types out there.

Argumentative essays

with these, you have to prove and defend your point. Some times referred to as persuasive essays, they are aimed at changing the readers’ opinions. This type requires effective citations and reference, as well as logical flow of ideas that lead to your target idea. They may require research. And they must include a counter-counter-point section, where you show your potential oponents are wrong.

Different essays and essay types

As described in the essay guidelines section, the following is the list of most frequently met different essays:
- Admission Essay
- Argumentative Essay
- Cause & Effect Essay
- Classification Essay
- Comparison Essay
- Critical Essay
- Definition Essay
- Descriptive Essay
- Exploratory Essay
- Expository Essay
- Five-Paragraph Essay
- Illustration Essay
- Informal Essay
- Literary Essay
- Narrative Essay
- Research Essay


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