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Basic writing tips section is aimed at beginner writers. These basic writing tips will teach you the basics of academic writing.
This collection of basic principles of academic writing will guide you through the entire writing process from choosing your topic to proofreading your essay.

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Writing tutorials and resources

Writing tutorials and resources section on the website is aimed at improving your writing skills. It consists of different types of tutorials for different level writers.

For beginners, we offer basic writing tips; more experienced academic writers will find advanced writing tips section useful. For those preparing for the job, or currently working, we offer business writing tips to help your career growth. In addition, you will learn about the various types of academic essays and citation styles. Finally, we offer video tutorial on writing, that teaches you without the need to read into the text, and a collection of books on writing.

What you will learn in this section
In the free writing tutorials and resouces you are provided the following sub-sections:

- academic writing basics for beginner writers
- advanced writing tips for more experienced writers
- business writing tips for those preparing for the job or working
- a video tutorial on writing, a guided tour about how to develop your essays into high-level pieces of writing
- a detailed explanation of various types of essays
- major citation styles explained
- finally, books on writing are for those who want to continue their writing quests offline

Articles and materials in the free writing turotials and resources sub-sections are regularly updated, so visit us and check the updates (untill we install a feed).



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